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How To Choose The Best Art Ideas For Your House?

A well-styled, pleasant home is one that features art in every room. However, we appreciate that selecting things to display throughout your home can be a daunting task.

We enlisted the help of professional designers to walk you through the process of choosing art for every area in your house, from the dining room to the bathroom. In no time, you’ll have a home for everything ranging from that enormous abstract painting to those small landscapes!


According to designer Kendra Nash, your bedroom is your sanctuary and thus the place to get personalized with art selections. “In a primary room, I find that customers have strong emotional links to their choices, so they are willing to invest,” she says. “Every now and again, I commission a painter to do something spectacular in a bedroom.”

However, because the bed is primarily a place to relax and unwind, the things exhibited there should not be overpowering in style or color. “Most people want their bedrooms to be calming and nurturing, so we bring in art with blue tones and natural colors. You can add Lang’s Painting-something that helps you want to take a moment and curl up in your bed,” says Laura Forstner, director of Art for the Home.

Living Room:

Designer Stephanie Waskins advocates for a wall covered in the living area and offers some design suggestions.Consider blending figurative paintings with still lives and landscapes,” she advises. “Also, use a variety of mediums—oils, watercolors, collage, and photography—in a variety of frames. While mixing sizes is important, no single piece should take center stage. Each component should be given equal weight.”


When it concerns artwork for the kitchen, having practical issues in mind is essential. “Because you’ll be preparing food in the kitchen, avoid any greasy glass-framed paintings,” Nash recommends. “Paintings of fruits or sceneries on canvas look fantastic in a kitchen.” Waskins agrees. “I prefer having a framed canvas beside a range hood,” she says. “The contrast of hard surfaces like the steel range and tile with a framed oil or watercolor picture produces just the proper amount of visual tension.”

Dining Room:

It doesn’t matter if you use your dining table daily or once a month; this is the location where you can get really loud and colorful, according to Nash. “A dining room is usually my favorite room to design because it allows you to be dramatic with furnishings and art,” she says. “It is normally enclosed and might serve as the home’s jewel box. In the dining room, I like to experiment with big art, bright colors, bold graphics, and a variety of art mediums.”

Rose concurs. “3D art or something creative, intricate, and mystical should be interesting enough to generate a conversation! The art article’s frame is also very significant and should not be plain.”


The toilet should be more than just a functional environment; it should also be visually appealing! Nash emphasizes the importance of picking pictures with soothing aspects for the bathroom. “I advise my clients to find something serene and tranquil,” she says. “Personally, I enjoy a good tub soak because I want to feel like I’m at a spa. Overall, the soothing tones and themes are soothing for that tranquil moment.”


Do you have a home office that you use every day? You are not alone; the purpose of the study has altered dramatically in recent years, with an increasing number of employees working from their homes. “Family portraits are generally kept in office areas,” Waskins observes. “However, now that so many people work from home, we’ve been asked to assist in curating art that will appeal to spectators during meetings, effectively de-personalizing the visible spaces.”