We suggest you always reach out to our team who will be able to work with you to try find a suitable product within your required timeframe. We do suggest you talk to us about all your requirements so we can ensure you will be the getting best and most suitable product according to what you want.

We have a huge selection of exterior lights available, with most of our products tested and suitable for near water conditions. Make sure you let us know exactly where these will be going and how exposed they will be to ocean spray so we can show you the most suitable options.

No NoNo ! All our products are 100% genuine design from the brand that produces and designed the products. We have never and will never disrespect a designer or brand by entertaining the idea of selling any replicas! It’s simply just not ok!!!

If we represent the brand, then typically we would be able to get it in for you as long as we can ensure it is suitable to use locally. Sometimes not all the collections are displayed from all of our brands on our website, so give our team a call or send through a link/images of what you are looking for and we will get back to you with answers and a solution.

YES! We will never sell a product that is not suitable to be used in the USA under local laws and regulations. Polelightstore has a dedicated team and workshop to allow us to test products, require products and ensure their absolute suitability prior to sale.


We do not offer a lighting consultancy or design service, but we do work with a number of extremely talented firms and people who offer this service and we would be happy to make an introduction.
Our team can have a look at your lighting plans, images, and drawings and provide you with comments and advice on which fixtures from our range we suggest would be most appropriate and best suited according to your requirements.

We don’t offer an installation service and would typically recommend that the current or previous electrician who has worked for you continue to do so and install the products. They would have a better understanding of your property and should be able to install the lights much quicker than someone visiting for the 1st time.

Our sales team is working in the showroom from 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Considering the vast selection of products we offer, our stock is rather limited. We typically specially import products as they are requested and orders by customers. Any product specially ordered will not be subject to return or refund for change of mind.

Sometimes happens and as we are sure you can appreciate damaged lights that are specially imported are absolute pains for all of us! We ask that you inform us within max a few days of receiving the order and that you provide images of the packaging inside and out, as well as a few pics of the damaged part. We will either arrange to repair or replace, whichever is quicker and less disruptive to all.