Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting at polelightstore and illuminate the architectural features of your home! Street lights can become an integral part of the look of your home. Outdoor lights not only make your home look safer but also create an attractive hallway appearance to entertain your guests. At polelightstore, we have all kinds of best outdoor solar lights to suit your décor, from traditional to modern to rustic. We have a large variety of lighting to decorate your home. You can also sort by special features including LED brightness control, motion sensor, dusk to dawn, and more.

Perfect outdoor lighting

Whatever your style or aesthetics, we have the perfect outdoor solar lights that match your home. Many outdoor sconces need to be taken into consideration! To add a warm and welcoming touch to your home, consider outdoor lighting. The outside lights are mostly glass shades, but we also have die-cast and sand-cast aluminum outdoor lights. Or consider an outdoor sconce for a modern touch. These types of outdoor lights can diffuse light in different ways: some emit light downwards, while others emit light both downwards and upwards. We also offer a variety of outdoor barn lights, a popular choice if you want to create an old-fashioned feel. Reminiscent of 19th-century barns, barn streetlights add vintage charm to your home regardless of color or finish. If the above post lights are not your favorites, we also offer a variety of light pole, bollard lights, and front door lights.

Outdoor Lighting

Choosing Your Outdoor Lights

When looking for new outdoor lights, first think about where you will install the sconces. Will you place them by your front door, side door, garage, or anywhere else outside your home? If you place it next to a door, be sure to measure the height of your door before choosing the perfect outdoor sconce. Then choose whether you need one or two outdoor lamps. If you only need one fixture, it should be one-third the height of your door for optimal lighting. However, if you buy two fixtures, one on each side of the door, they must be a quarter the height of your door. If you choose to use only one light, make sure it is located on the side of the door closest to the doorknob. Another factor to consider when purchasing outdoor sconces is whether you will be installing the fixture in an area that is directly exposed to the elements or in an open area that is enclosed. If you are installing appliance in an open area, be sure to select a product that is suitable for humid areas, that is, it can withstand direct exposure to water.

Love all these different outdoor lights

Did we talk about it? There are many more options available to you here at polelightstore, and we'll cover them all in our Outdoor Lighting Guide!
For tips and tricks on using exterior lighting in your home, check out our exterior lighting placement and exterior lighting installation guides.
At polelightstore, we strive to make sure you always have many options for your home. That's why we have so many outdoor solar lights for sale on our site, including wall lights, Gate lights, lamp posts, and Bollard lights. When looking for where to buy post lights online, we want to make sure you get exactly what you need, we have different designs with different sizes of outdoor light and something very special and unique for your home. Our client has the best time to buy outdoor lights from polelightstore.
Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting


With outdoor lights, it is easy to lighten and enhance the beauty of your property. These lights are an important part of your outdoor lighting scheme. Additional night lighting allows you to enjoy your property after dark, helping to keep it safe. See our website Buying outdoor Lighting: Planning and construction Tips for suggestions and tips on selecting the best outdoor lighting for your needs. Find the newest outdoor solar lights projects at polelightstore.
Outdoor lights are a versatile addition to the exterior of your home, whether you want to add a cozy glow and added security to your front door, or light up your garden to extend those long summer nights.
Our outdoor lights are available in a variety of designs from traditional style lanterns to the modern, best outdoor solar lights. You can use these outdoor lights for added security on your side entry, garage, or exterior doors and in your lawn.

Decorate your home with outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights bring a warm and inviting feel to your home and can be easily combined with many architectural style home exteriors, whether traditional or modern. We offer tons of lightweight finishes including Aluminum and Glass. Outdoor lighting comes in a variety of styles, so you can be sure to find the perfect post lights for your garden.

Outdoor lighting and its uses

When choosing new Christmas lights outdoor, you need to consider the direction in which your new fixture will emit the light. Open-bottom luminaires are best suited for downward lighting, while a glass-topped lantern is a better option for accentuating architectural elements above and around the door. Our outdoor lighting is made from durable cast aluminum with weather-resistant finishes and glass. Here are some guidelines for choosing where to place these fixtures: light pole and lamp post you can place in your lawn and garden and also you can place pole lights in your street. You can use bollard lights in your pathway, garden, and lawn. Bollard lights are a form of outdoor lighting fixture, that is widely used to brighten roads and landscapes. Wall lights and porch lights also use for outdoor lighting, wall lamps illuminate the living room, bedroom, dining room, and hallways. Make sure to take into account the side door trim. Gate lights use for outdoor lighting, the main purpose of gate lights is to enhance the beauty of your homes and increase the security of your home and garage, the use of front porch lights is an important source of public safety lighting designed to reduce crime.